Affordable, perfectly installed plantation shutters with a down-to-earth approach.

ShutterStyle was created in Newcastle fifteen years ago by two carpenters. They wanted to use their skills and knowledge to provide affordable plantation shutters for homes and businesses throughout Newcastle and the North East and they wanted to do it with a down-to-earth approach. No gimmicks, no salespeople, just top quality shutters and honest, thoughtful advice.


Take a look at our Shutter Styles


Our ranges and materials are an inspired choice of chic contemporary and traditional styles and finishes that will add the finishing touch to any room. Decide which style suits your home and customise it by from the wide selection of options including colours, frames and louvres to give you perfect shutters.


Full Height Shutters

Covering the full height of the window, this is our most popular style of shutter. Available in six materials and over 50 colours.

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Cafè Style Shutters

Leaving the top of the window un-shuttered, cafè style shutters maximise light and provide privacy whilst looking chic.

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Conservatory Shutters

With a UV protective layer, these shutters provide an ideal solution for conservatories, controlling both light and heat.

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Bay Window Shutters

Designed to fit both square and angled bays, these shutters not only look superb, they are the ideal solution for these windows. 

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Tier-on-tier Shutters

With independent panels top and bottom, tier-on-tier shutters can be controlled separately for maximum light and privacy.

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Shaped Shutters

Whether round, triangular or oval, the most unusual shapes can be produced with shaped shutters to give a dramatic feature.

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Commercial Shutters

Designed to meet exact requirements, shutters are the go-to for interior designers, Additional finishes and exterior options.

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Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters allow you to concertina or slide large runs of panels. Exposing to window or door behind for light and access.

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French Door Shutters

These shutters are ideal for french doors and can be folded back to allow easy access. Available in all colours and materials.

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Our recent work


Here are a few pictures of our most recent shutter installations. We hope that you like them as much as we do. To see more, take a look at our gallery page.