About Shaped Shutters

Shaped Window Shutters are crafted using bespoke frames and panels that are specifically designed to enhance unusually shaped openings. The results are often dramatic and create an impressive focal point to any room.

As the name suggests, Shaped Shutters, can come in almost any size and crafted to accommodate even the most unusual openings. Exclusively made-to-measure, they provide the first choice option to dress those more unusual windows and doorways in the home or workplace.

Most popular styles include arches, circles and pentagon shapes, but with a versatile choice of materials and finishing options available, Shaped Shutters can be produced to transform most unique openings.

Materials available for Shaped Shutters

Each range has a choice of five louvre sizes, with or without tilt rod and lots of colour and styling options.

*Antigua is available for straight edged shapes only. 

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