About Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are full height shutters which sit in a track system, allowing you to either concertina or slide large runs of panels away from a doorway or large window to fully expose the opening. 

There are two types of tracked shutters; bi-pass and bi-fold. Both do the same job but in slightly different ways. 

The first and most popular style of tracked shutters is bi-folding which fold out of the way against an adjoining wall. They're great for glass doors where you'd like control of the light but still be able to access the entire window or door such as garden rooms..  

The other tracked style is by-pass shutters which allow each panel set to glide past the other on smooth-running tracks. This style of shutter is often used for wardrobes and room dividers. 

Materials available for Tracked Shutters 

Each range has a choice of five louvre sizes, with or without tilt rod and lots of colour and styling options.