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Bay Window Shutters

Square and Victorian bay windows can be transformed with made-to-measure Full HeightTier-on-Tier or Cafe Style Shutters. Fixed to the sides of the opening or directly to your window frame, these Shutters help to show off all the architectural features, whilst keeping the space inside the bay uncluttered. They also look sensational from the outside of your home too!

As with all Shutter styles, you can choose to have a visible tilt rod for a more classic look or a hidden tilt rod, which creates a cleaner, more contemporary look. You can also choose from a range of five louvre sizes to suit your style. Whether using an all-in-one bay frame or an individual frame for each window, Shutters can turn these lovely windows into a superb feature.

Bay window Shutters

Transform Bay Windows with Plantation Shutters

Bay Windows offer a real design statement in any room but they can look even more stylish with Plantation Shutters. Whether your home is traditional or modern we’ll give you all the help and advice you need to help you choose the perfect style.

Choose from a variety of slat widths and materials including MDF and real hardwood.

Easy Light & Privacy Control with Shutters

Bay windows allow so much more light to enter your room compared to standard windows, however, there are often times when increased natural sunlight can be a hindrance. Due to the features and increased window size of a living room and bedroom bays, privacy can also be an issue. Plantation Shutters offer the perfect solution, giving you total control when it comes to both light and privacy.

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bay window shutters

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If you are thinking of choosing Shutters for your windows but just don’t know where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place. The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to book a free home consultation with ShutterStyle and we will visit at a time convenient for you. We will discuss the various options available – the style, shape, colour and material of your Bay Window Shutters. You can get in touch by either giving us a call on 0800 910 1515 or clicking the link below.  

Bay Window Dressing Alternatives from ShutterStyle

Roller blinds for bay windows

Roller Blinds for Bay Windows

wooden Venetian blinds for a sqaure bay window

Wood Blinds for Bay Windows

Duette blinds for bay windows

Duette for Bay Windows

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