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Shaped Shutters

Shaped Shutters are made with bespoke frames and panels, crafted to perfectly fit the window frame. The results are often dramatic and they can create an impressive focal point to a room or staircase. A great opportunity to show off a beautiful architectural feature!

Shaped Shutters come in almost any size and can be made for almost any unusual opening. Exclusively made-to-measure, they provide the very best option to dress and enhance shaped windows and doorways.

Popular styles are arches, circles and pentagons. With a versatile choice of materials and finishing options Shaped Shutters can be produced to transform most unique openings.

bathroom shaped shutter

Shaped Shutters for your Windows

Made to measure, these Shutters can be crafted to fit a wide variety of different window shapes. 

Round and arched, or other quirky window shapes are part of the character of many properties. Enhance them by dressing them with Shutters.

If you are choosing Shutters for your shaped windows then you have a wide variety of materials and styles to select from at ShutterStyle.

Shaped Shutter Materials

shaped shutters from shutterstyle


The Fiji range is made from sustainably sourced hardwood and available to order in a wide range of options, colours and stains to offer a beautiful wooden shutter solution to suit almost all installations. 7 louvre sizes are available as well as a custom paint colour service. 

For more information about Fiji shutters and colours please visit the shutters materials and colours page.


The Sumatra range is made from the best quality FSC® certified White Teak and is available to order in the widest range of options, to offer the ultimate shutter solution. Availabe in 28 paint colours, 20 stains and the option for a custom colour too. Available in 6 louvre sizes.

For more information about Sumatra shutters and colours please visit the shutters materials and colours page.

Timeless Interiors with Shaped Shutters

If you have a property that features both shaped and standard windows, you can use the same shutter style throughout for a consistent décor.

Durable and hard-wearing, Plantation Shutters are a long-lasting interior option for your home.

Shutters do more than simply complement your windows they become a part of the overall style and character of the room.

dark wood shaped shutter details

Get in Touch

ShutterStyle is the North East’s longest-serving plantation shutter company and has vast experience when it comes to installing shaped shutters in both homes and commercial properties. If you would like to book a free consultation to discuss the options available then please get in touch.

You can get in touch to book an appointment by either calling us on 0800 910 1515 or sending an inquiry via our website.

shaped shutters for a gable end window
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