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Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are an attractive and very adaptable solution. They are made up of two sets of panels, one on top of the other. They open and close independently, which allows you to maintain privacy and maximise light control at the same time.

This style of shutter is very popular where windows require privacy from neighbours, pedestrians or street traffic, but where light access is important. This is perhaps the most versatile shutter option available because the two sets of panels, top or bottom, can be fully or partially opened independently.

This type of shutter works particularly well in living rooms and bedrooms.

Very Versatile Shutters

As well as being an extremely adaptable window shutter option regarding the operation, light control and privacy. They are well suited to a wide range of window types but are especially useful for taller windows. Not only are they highly practical but they are also extremely stylish. Available in a vast array of colours and materials from ShutterStyle.

Bathroom tier on tier style shutters

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