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Solid Panel Shutters

The original style of shutter found in cottages and period homes, Solid Panel Shutters have a fabulous period feel. They can also look amazing in a modern setting too. The beauty of these shutters is that they can become an architectural feature of almost any home.

They don’t have the same level of light control as a louvred shutter since they open simply like doors to a window, but with a huge variety of colour choices, they give an original and authentic look to a room.

Solid panel shutters are fast becoming the new favourite choice with interior designers. Our creative sorts here love them! They can look fantastic in a muted colour as an alternative to white or wood stained.

Great Choice of Styles

You can select the solid panels which best meet your requirements from the perspective of both style and practicality:

When solid shutters are fully opened they provide maximum light flow. When closed they offer a near-blackout effect. These shutters are well suited to both older properties with traditional style and newer homes too. They fit well in farmhouse-style kitchens and cottage bedroom designs.

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More Reasons to choose Solid Panel Shutters

We have over 50 different colours to select from and our colour matching service makes the decision easy.

Another great advantage of this type of Shutter is that they act as a great insulator of heat in the colder winter months.

If you are interested in having solid panel shutters installed, then you can get in touch by calling us on 0800 910 1515 or by booking an appointment below.

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