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Tracked Shutters
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Full Height Tracked Shutters

Full height tracked shutters sit in a track system, which allow you to either concertina or slide large runs of panels away from a doorway or large window to fully expose the opening.

There are two types of tracked shutters, choose from bi-pass or bi-fold. Both do the same job but in slightly different ways.

The first and most popular style of tracked shutters is bi-folding, which fold out of the way in a concertina against an adjoining wall. They’re great for glass doors where you’d like control of the light but still be able to access the entire window or outer door.

By-pass shutters allow each panel to glide past the other on smooth-running tracks. This style is often used for wardrobes and room dividers.

Full Height Tracked Shutters are available:

  • In all our ranges from hardwood to fully waterproof
  • In 5 slat widths
  • With or without a tilt rod
  • In a vast range of paint colours and wood finishes 

Control the temperature in your room with ease. Tracked Shutters provide heat insulation in the colder months and cooling shade in summer.


French window shutters

Reasons to choose Tracked Shutters

If you have French doors or tall windows to the floor, then tracked shutters are a great option. Large windows and French doors allow a lot of natural sunlight in, which can allow a room to overheat or become too bright.  The Tracked Shutter louvres provide many options regarding light, privacy and temperature control, whilst the smooth track system supports the Shutters with ease. 


Stylish Tracked Shutters for your Home

In addition their many practical benefits, Tracked Shutters look superb too. Large window areas are traditionally difficult to dress with alternative options like blinds and curtains. Tracked Shutters enhance the look of your French doors with a simple, clean uncluttered look that has a timeless appeal.

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cafe style shutters extensive colour choice

Tracked Shutters the Easy Way

From kitchens, to bedrooms and living rooms, Tracked Shutters transform any room.

Tracked Shutters can also serve as a very successful room divider or for wardrobe doors.

Choose from a wide range of materials including ethically sourced hardwoods, faux woods and fully waterproof varieties.

If you are interested in having tracked shutters installed in your home then you have arrived at the right place.

ShutterStyle cover the North East of England, including; Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and Northumberland. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish, from an initial free home consultation to measuring your windows and installing your Plantation Shutters.

You can get in touch with ShutterStyle by giving us a call on 0800 910 1515. Or click on the link below and fill out the appointment form in order to arrange a free home consultation.

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