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Choosing Plantation Shutters for your home

From their stylish look and timeless character, there so are many reasons to consider choosing plantation shutters for your home.  We look at some of the practical and aesthetic benefits of shutters and why we believe they have the edge over the competition when it comes to dressing your windows.

1. Appearance

Window shutters look superb!

Not only will they improve the look of your windows, they will enhance to look of your whole room!

With an array of different types to choose from, you can find plantation shutters that best suit your style.

Shutters compliment so many decorating styles, so even if you decide to change your wall, floor coverings or furniture, shutters will continue to offer a real design statement.

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2. Privacy and Flexibility

The easily adjustable louvres will enable you to create just the right setting for you to feel both comfortable and relaxed. Fully closed for complete privacy.

Angled up or down to allow light to filter through (at a certain angle upwards, even partially open, you will not be able to see into a room from outside). 

Or open your shutters completely to fully enjoy your view!

Shutters offer unrivaled privacy, particularly advantageous for street-facing rooms.  They are a great choice for bathrooms and conservatories too.

3. Ventilation

Simply open windows, close the shutters and tilt the fully- flexible louvres to the position you feel offers the best ventilation. Shutters are fixed into position so that they will not flap around in the wind like blinds and curtains.

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4. Light Control

Full light control is one of the biggest advantages of shutters since regardless of the time of day, you can control the amount of light entering your home. This gives you total flexibility if you are watching TV, or sitting at a computer screen near a window.

Controlling the light entering your room is particularly important for creating the ideal environment for good quality sleep. For full block out we offer a specialist product, which incorporates a blind within the shutter frame or you can choose solid panel shutters.

5. Temperature Control

During colder months, plantation shutters provide another layer of insulation and will help to prevent heat loss through glazing. This energy efficiency may even lead to lower heating bills.

With shutter blinds, you have the best of both worlds, as you can ensure rooms in your home do not get too hot in summer by adjusting the louvres accordingly.

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6. Long Term Investment

Shutters are generally more expensive than other window dressings, such as curtains or blinds, but in many cases, they prove more cost-effective in the long run.

Well-maintained plantation shutters will remain in great condition for many years and tend to be replaced less regularly than alternatives. The classic appearance of shutters means they don’t date like many other coverings.

Because they are so sought after they could even add value to your home.

7. Maintenance

Shutters are a low-maintenance option. They only require basic cleaning – just a light dust and a wipe down with a damp cloth every so often.  They are also child and pet friendly as they are less likely to stain, unlike fabric curtains or blinds.

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Kitchen shutters

8. Durability

Plantation shutters are built to last. Well looked after they will stand the test of time. Because they will not have to be replaced regularly they will prove to be an excellent investment. Window shutters have proven to have the required strength and durability to cope with the demands of busy family homes, especially in busy areas like kitchens and living rooms.

9. Great if you have Allergies

Dust mites are the cause of many allergies. They love moisture, pollen and dust which can be trapped by curtain fabric, and to a lesser extent, the fabric used to make blinds. Dust and moisture can be removed from shutters easily and are not absorbed in the same way as with fabric.

solid shutter wood
solid shutter wood

10. External Noise Reduction

We all enjoy some peace from the outside world, particularly in the evening.

Solid panel plantation shutters provide an effective layer of sound absorption, which helps to reduce the amount of external noise entering your home, particularly important if you live near a busy main road.

11. Kerb Appeal

Not only do shutters look stylish inside your home, but they also look superb from the outside too. Their kerb appeal will certainly impress your neighbours and visitors! If you are looking to sell your property then first impressions are all important. Smart shutters could just make that difference!

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12. Different Styles

13. Choice of Materials

Not only do you have a fantastic range of styles to select from, you can choose from different materials too, from wooden plantation shutters to MDF to fully waterproof materials.  Waterproof shutters are particularly well suited to bathrooms as they provide a practical covering more resilient to issues caused by excess moisture, including dampness and mold than alternatives like fabric roller blinds.

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14. Array of Colours

With contemporary creams, whites and greys available in a variety of shades, you are sure to find the perfect colour.  We also offer a range of wood stains in our hardwood shutter range, as well as a colour matching service, so you can find the perfect match.

15. Made to Measure

All our shutters are made to measure for a perfect fit for your windows, doors or bi-fold doors. We can even shutter almost any shaped window. Our bespoke approach means that window shutters will not just provide an addition to your home but will become an integral part of its style and character.


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