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As featured on North East Connected

A Northumberland Shutter Company has launched a new collection of products aimed at helping people to improve their sleep. The Shutter and Shade range from ShutterStyle, based in Morpeth, features shutters which have integrated darkening blinds, providing superior light reduction when compared to standard products.

These Bedroom Shutters are ideal if you have children who often require a nap during the day. They also create the perfect environment, in which to nod off, for night-workers and people with changing shift patterns. Even when trying to get to sleep at night, streetlamps and other forms of artificial lighting will still make your room appear bright when you have standard curtains or blinds.

Good quality sleep plays a positive role in both our physical and mental wellbeing but despite this many adults fail to get the recommended 7-8 hours each night. Research has shown that creating an environment which eliminates as much light as possible is one of the key factors in giving you the best chance of getting good quality sleep.

ShutterStyle owner Kevin Crook explains how these products can give his customers even greater control when it comes to their window coverings: “Shutters have always offered excellent privacy and light control and this is another feature which will prove beneficial to our customers by helping them to create a great environment for obtaining good quality sleep.”

Not only will products from the Shutter and Shade range give you complete control over the amount of light which enters your home but they also look the part too. These products are available in a range of different materials and colours so customers can create the style they desire within their home.

Kevin added: “I think it’s important that in not only providing a highly practical and easy to use product we haven’t compromised on style either and are still offering a wide variety of options from that perspective too.”

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