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Solid panel cafe-style shutters for a home in Newcastle

When Sarah approached us with her ideas for solid panel cafe-style shutters to complement the architectural features of her Victoria Bay windows, we were thrilled to be able to help.

Sarah and her family used to live in one of the homes across the street. One day they hoped to own one of these magnificent three-story Victorian homes. Finally just before the pandemic struck their dreams became a reality!

Following hard work and her perfect vision, amidst home-schooling, Sarah, her family and her builders have made huge progress. They have now finished several rooms.


Sarah says, ‘This sitting room is a good example of the contemporary Victorian look we’ve tried to achieve throughout the house. We did a lot to restore and reinstate original and period features: floors, windows, walls, radiators, and fireplace.

But then I like to finish the effect with modern art and prints on the wall for that old/new clash I love.  It’s those unexpected touches and visual surprises, that I think give a home its personality.


recent installation solid panel shutters Newcastle
white rose

Having installed the solid panel shutters to complete this gorgeous room Sarah says ‘Finally enough leaves on the trees to have the shutters fully open without feeling too exposed. I’m just sitting here on this beautiful evening looking out across the street at the house we used to live in. I remember how I would look across at these white brick houses and think that I would love to live in one one day. Funny how life works out isn’t it?

She continues… ‘Anyway, the other thing on my mind is full shutters. I know I bang on about them all the time, but on nights like this, they’ve been a game-changer. I love having the full visual effect of the beautiful sash windows that you just don’t get with plantation shutters or curtains. So whenever I can, I have them fully open like this, or go half and half.’

solid panel shutters Newcastle
closed solid panel shutters

Solid Panel Cafe Style Shutters

For our part, we think the shutters are the perfect addition to this lovely home, and we look forward very much to seeing Sarah’s progress. She certainly has a talent for interior decoration and her ideas are a great inspiration.



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