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When it comes to choosing plantation shutters, you have an array of different options available. The type of shutters you select might not just depend on your style preferences but also which gives you the most versatility in terms of light control and privacy. Made-to-measure shutters are suitable for virtually any window type, it’s just a case of choosing the style which best suits your interior layout. ShutterStyle has put together this useful guide to make that decision a little bit easier:

Full Height Shutters

Among the most popular styles are full height shutters. These shutters cover the entire window and are therefore a great option if you are looking for maximum privacy. They are well suited to many different parts of the home including living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. There are also various types of full height shutters to choose from including products which have operational louvres and also solid wood varieties. Full height shutters with louvres provide you with excellent control over the amount of light which enters the room. An often overlooked advantage of full height shutters is the fact they are excellent when it comes to heat insulation. When the louvres are closed on evenings or early mornings during the colder winter months then they really do act in effective way to help prevent heat from leaving your property. In addition to homes, full height shutters are also sought-after for commercial installations, including shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.

Café Style Shutters

This type of shutter is ideal if you are looking for privacy on a lower level. With cafe style shutters the bottom part of the window is covered and the top half is left un-shuttered. This style allows a lot of natural sunlight to flow into rooms throughout the day. Café style shutters are selected for many different window types but are probably most popular for taller window designs. They work well as a bay window covering and are also very well suited to windows which have a stained-glass design at the top. As the name suggests, not only are they chosen for home designs but also in cafes and restaurants. In restaurants, for example, the covered lower level provides diners sat by the window with privacy but at the same time the un-shuttered window at the top ensures sunlight can enter the room and make it appear bright and spacious.

Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows not only provide a stunning feature in any room but also enable plenty of light flow. They can, however, be a tricky window to dress and it is important to get the balance right in relation to light, privacy and style. Shutter blinds are an obvious choice as they enhance the character of bay windows and offer unrivalled privacy in street-facing rooms. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing shutter blinds for bay windows too, with some people opting for café style shutters for excellent light flow and others preferring the additional privacy offered by full height shutters. Although bay windows are often associated with older, more traditional, properties they are also a feature of many modern homes too and you can select from a range of shutter materials and colours to best suit your windows. Another great thing about bay window shutters is that they not only look great from the inside but also offer extra style from an exterior viewpoint too.

French Door Shutters

It is not just windows which can benefit from the shutter blind treatment as French doors can too! French door shutters have the capability of enhancing doors from a style viewpoint and also offer an array of practical benefits. As French doors are invariably positioned at the back out of the home and lead straight through to the outside world, privacy is paramount and shutter blinds offer this in abundance. They have even more advantages over other options as French door shutters will not flap around in the wind rather annoyingly like curtains and blinds. Furthermore, if you use your outdoor space a lot then your French doors will be getting used regularly and the hardwearing nature of shutters makes them a durable choice for this purpose, particularly if you have children and/or pets! Long-lasting French door shutters are also available in a wide variety of styles so you can choose the perfect look in your home.

Solid Panel Shutters

This shutter type is particularly sought after for older, period style properties but that doesn’t mean it can not also be used to great effect in modern homes. One of the obvious benefits of solid shutters is the ease at which they block out light. Solid panel shutters are therefore a popular choice for bedrooms and other areas in which a near blackout is often preferable, like cinema rooms for example. They also provide outstanding privacy but not quite the same versatility you get with standard louvre style window shutters. Furthermore, solid panel shutters are available in many different styles, from single opening panels to bi-fold and tier on tier. These shutters are certainly great for adding character to homes and are well suited to farmhouse style kitchens. When choosing solid panel shutters you can also select from a range of colours to match your interior layout.

Tier on Tier Shutters

These shutters cover the entire window but the top half and bottom half are operated independently from each other. Tier on Tier shutter blinds therefore provide you with the luxury of creating just the right amount of privacy while controlling light flow at the same time. This shutter style is not only highly practical but also looks stunning in any room throughout the home including living rooms and bathrooms. They are an excellent option if you like the concept of café style shutters but would still prefer that extra bit of privacy on a higher level. Many people choose tier on tier shutters for Bay Windows as with such a large area to cover the versatility they offer can prove extremely useful. Controlling light flow with these shutters is so easy as you can tilt the louvres on the top and bottom half and position them in a place which suits you best.

Tracked Shutters

Full height tracked shutters enable you to concertina or slide panels away from a large window or door. They are available in two different styles; bi-fold and bi-pass tracked shutters. Bi-fold shutters will concertina when slid across the floor and are an excellent choice for French doors. Bi-pass shutters can be moved by sliding them on smooth-running tracks and are often selected for wardrobes and room dividers. Tracked shutters are designed for large window and door areas where standard shutters would not be practical in carrying the weight of the panels. They enable you to move them to one side so you can access doors and windows with ease throughout the day. The easy to function louvres can be tilted for light and privacy control just like with standard shutters. Full height tracked shutters are also a big advantage when they are closed on an evening time in the colder months as they offer excellent heat insulation.

Shaped Shutters

Windows are available in all shapes and sizes and one of the many benefits of made-to-measure plantation shutters is that they can be made to fit virtually any window. Bespoke frames are created to fit a seemingly endless range of different shaped windows including circular, triangular and curved varieties. This is particularly useful for older properties which do not always have what can be considered ‘standard’ window shapes. Many commercial properties also have windows of varying shapes and plantation shutters therefore provide an obvious choice. When trying to find other options to dress shaped windows it can be rather difficult, especially with regards to readymade curtains and blinds. Even made-to-measure curtains and blinds may not look right on a circular window, for example. Shaped shutters will really show off the quirky nature of certain properties by accentuating the unique character.


As we have demonstrated in this guide to the different types of shutter styles available, you are certainly not short on choice if you are considering plantation shutters for your windows. Not only are there a vast array of styles to select from but shutter blinds are made-to-measure so they will fit within the style and character of your home perfectly. At ShutterStyle, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to Shutter blinds and have measured and fitted all the different types of shutters mentioned in this article on many occasions over the years. In fact, we are the North East’s longest serving plantation shutter company, covering the entire region including Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead, Durham, North Tyneside and Northumberland. So, if you live in the area, please book a free home consultation with one of our experts.

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